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Your Visit to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program


Children living with IBD have individual needs. Our Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program includes two clinics that assist you and your child with meeting the challenges of living with this condition.

Comprehensive New Diagnosis Clinic

We equip children newly diagnosed with IBD and their families with an understanding of the diagnosis, the approach to treatment, and where to turn to for additional support. During the appointment you will meet our experienced multidisciplinary IBD team including:

  • Nutritionist: Review the importance of diet in the treatment of IBD
  • Nurse educator: Discuss the importance of regular follow-up and laboratory monitoring; introduction to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), support groups and other resources
  • Nurse practitioner: Review diagnosis and treatment options
  • Social worker: Review the social impact of IBD
  • Pediatric gastroenterologist: Discuss our current understanding of the cause of IBD

IBD Consultation Clinic

Our IBD Consultation Clinic is designed for children with an established diagnosis of IBD. We address concerns you may have about the certainty of the diagnosis, or provide further assistance when prior treatments have failed.

At this clinic, you and your child will meet with one of our pediatric IBD experts who will perform a thorough physical exam, review prior records and studies, and provide recommendations for further evaluation and treatment.

To provide a complete evaluation and informed recommendations, we will need the following studies and records prior to your visit.

  • Images and reports from past CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays
  • Pathology slides and reports from previous colonoscopies and upper endoscopies 
  • Medical records from your current gastroenterologist