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Your Visit to the Fetal Cardiology Clinic

Before your visit

You may receive a call from our nurse practitioner the night before your visit. You’ll learn about what will happen during your visit. We will gather information about your medical history and why you need to see us.

The day of your visit

On the day of your visit, park in the South Garage, next to Children’s hospital on Children’s Way. Follow the signs to use our free valet parking service. Enter the hospital from the second floor of the garage. Take the first set of elevators to the right of the guest services desk to reach the Doctor’s Office Tower. Our Fetal Cardiology Clinic outpatient office is on the fifth floor.

After you check in at the desk, a staff member will escort you to our imaging area. You may have to wait until a staff member is ready.

During the first part of your visit a sonographer will perform a complete ultrasound of your baby’s heart. A prenatal ultrasound of the heart is called a “fetal echocardiogram.” This can take as little as 30 minutes, but may be significantly longer if we need special views of your baby’s heart.

A fetal cardiologist will review the echocardiogram. This specialist will then meet with you in our counseling area to review the results. The cardiologist will explain the importance of any differences in your baby’s heart. You and the fetal cardiologist will make plans together for the remainder of your pregnancy and for any special needs or services your baby will need after birth.

Ongoing care

Many patients will have multiple visits during pregnancy. This is because your baby’s heart continues developing, causing changes during the course of pregnancy. Your fetal cardiologist will also plan for you to see other specialists who may become important members of your care team. These may include cardiac surgeons, geneticists, other pediatric subspecialists, maternal fetal care specialists, social workers, palliative care specialists and psychologists. All of these healthcare team members specialize in supporting you during what can be a stressful time.