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Surgery at Spring Hill Surgery Center

Our pediatric surgery care teams perform outpatient surgical cases at Spring Hill Surgery Center. This center is also designed for patients who do not require an overnight stay.

The Surgery Center is in suite 210. There is ample parking in the lot in front of the building. The entrance features a covered pull-in area.

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Why Spring Hill

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    Dedicated surgical team

    You trust us with your child’s care. That’s something we don’t take lightly. Your child's dedicated pediatric surgeon and surgical care team will perform the procedure. This ensures care continuity and quality for your child.

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    Child-centered expertise

    Children’s surgery is not the same as adult surgery. As such, your child deserves a dedicated pediatric team. Here, highly experienced pediatric anesthesiologists are available.

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    Personalized care plans

    Our mission is to provide family-centered care. This ensures your voice and decisions are an integral part of your child’s care plan. Together, with your child’s surgeon, we develop a personalized care plan that maximizes your child’s comfort and safety every step of the way, from the initial planning stages to their time in the recovery room and through their follow-up care at home.

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    Family-focused conveniences

    Large, clean, well-lit waiting areas

    Friendly, welcoming staff

    Easy-to-find street level parking

    Free Wi-Fi and charging areas so you can keep your child’s loved ones

    Children's games and crafts before surgery

    Private elevator to take you to your vehicle after surgery

    Nearby food, fuel and shopping

Specialties operating at our Spring Hill surgery location