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Seacrest Studio

We've made five years of incredible memories at Children's Hospital.

Seacrest Studio is a partnership between Vanderbilt and Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has been building broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals across the country since 2010.

Seacrest Studio at Children's Hospital gives children and teens the opportunity to express their creative side through radio, television and new media. Children can sing along with special musical guests, get behind the mic for radio interviews or try their hand at producing a television program. Every child in the hospital can laugh, learn and share in the fun through the hospital's broadcast network.

The 723-square-foot multimedia studio has a full-time program manager who oversees activities including game shows, celebrity interviews, dance parties, lip-sync battles, bingo, educational series and live music performances.

Studio programming broadcasts to patient rooms via closed-circuit televisions so that all patients can participate in the fun and learning. Patients can tune to Channel 46 to enjoy the broadcasts. Viewers even have the ability to request songs or ask questions of interviewees by calling 6-RYAN from any hospital phone.

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Happy 5th Birthday Seacrest Studio


The second mission of Seacrest Studio is to reach into the community and involve college students interested in pursuing careers in journalism, communications and the music business. It provides them the opportunity to gain experience in broadcast programming and operating a multimedia center.

Interns work in teams to provide on-air content and interact with patients and families while learning about the world of radio and television broadcasting. To apply for this internship, please email your resume with a cover letter to

Nashville Predators' Gnash and Pekka Rinne, and Children's Hospital mascot Champ at Seacrest Studios
Nashville Predators' Gnash and Pekka Rinne, and Children's Hospital mascot Champ at Seacrest Studio