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Autism Care for Children Under 3

The Autism Clinic for children under 3 at Monroe Carell receives referred patients when their healthcare professionals or families are concerned about development or behavior. There can be many reasons for these concerns, including

  • Delays in development, such as talking, walking, speech or learning
  • A medical condition that hinders development

These concerns may be a sign of a diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We work with children and caregivers to determine if a child has autism. If your child receives this diagnosis, we will provide your family with an action plan for continuing care.

Vanderbilt has been designated as one of only 14 institutions in the U.S. to form the Autism Treatment Network, comprising elite centers dedicated to improving care for children and adolescents with autism through diagnosis, treatment, and counseling.

Meet Your Care Team

Neill A. Broderick

Neill A. BroderickPhD

    Autism, Child Development, Clinical Psychologist, Developmental Delay, Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Laura L. Corona

Laura L. CoronaPhD

    Autism, Clinical Psychologist, Developmental Delay, Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Jeffrey F. Hine

Jeffrey F. HinePhD

    Autism, Child Development, Developmental Delay, Developmental Medicine, Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Liliana Wagner

Liliana WagnerPhD

    Clinical Psychologist


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